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Eggshells for Houseplants – Should We?

We have heard that eggshells can be recycled safely into soil and they are beneficial for your plant’s growth. Since this is typically done outdoors, should we apply the same method for our indoor plants too?

Of course, instead of discarding our household waste straight into the trash, we can use some of them for gardening purposes.

1. Substitute for Bone Meal

While some of us don’t mind the natural scent of fertilized soil, some will be bothered by it when staying close to a fed houseplant. Bone meal is required for its calcium content, and it’s integral for a plant’s health.

So, instead of applying bone meal and living with the stench in your living room, you can crush some eggshells into powder and mix into soil. These little bits of shells will stay long inside and your plant will be happy to have its roots absorbing calcium from them. Do this once a year.

Note: Crushed eggshells will not deter slugs and snails; they, too, benefit from them!

2. Seed Starter

Did you know a seed will sprout wonderfully inside an eggshell? Simply start your seed in soil the usual way but instead of using those plastic pots, you use eggshells. Make a small hole under each of them, and place them on their paper egg carton.

By doing this, you don’t just help enrich the soil for your baby plants; you are also being kind to the environment.

Here’s an idea for you:

Egg Shell Crafts With Cute Everyday Appeal

3. Make Eggshell Water

It smells terrible according to this guide, but your plants will love it. You may want to wait until the odor goes away a little before watering your plants with it. Or, you can just water those that are not within the areas for dining or accepting guests.

Make sure the bottle is placed outdoor in case of leakage. Otherwise, opt for glass jars, like this.

4. Home for Your Succulents

Check out the guide here!

Succulents are always happy indoors, even when grown with little amount of soil. How about painting them with colors? Now that we gave you the idea, you should try that for Easter!

These sites maybe helpful for that:

DIY Easter Eggshells
Ways to Use Eggshells

5. Mulch With Them

Now that we mentioned Easter, colored eggshells would look good with your houseplants especially when they’re used as mulch.

This instruction will help guide you on the process of painting the eggshells. It’s not just a project that is fun to do with kids, your plants will also overwinter much better indoors with sprinkles of colorful eggshells.

More ideas on painted eggshells:

How to Make Eggshell Art
Craft With Kids: Eggshell Mosaic

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