Oasi di Sant’Alessio, Pavia, Italy

A haven for nature-lovers, this park showcases all you can expect from a garden like in a fairy tale. You’ll be welcomed by an unforgettable view of overgrown wisteria plants all over the entrance of the castle, which makes the place seem even more magical. Further in, tame and friendly critters invite you to their habitat.

These animals; while some of them are kept in captivity either in aquariums or large cages; many of them are allowed to roam freely in the park, including being petted and fed. We had an enjoyable moment in picnic area, having lunch while viewing flower petals falling from the trees and miniature horses grazing the grass.

We also witnessed the largest bird nest ever, which could be viewed by walking along the path.

I believe that the people in charge have been consistently keeping this place clean and safe for these creatures, therefore visitors feel responsible to maintain the park as it is instead of littering or harming the animals.

So, if you’re visiting Pavia, Italy anytime soon, do pay this beautiful park a visit. It’ll be worth it. In fact, we’ll definitely come back for another picnic.

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