Gardening for Halloween

Thinking of the right ways to decorate your garden for Halloween? Here’s a list of flowers and produce that you can use for the occasion.

1. Cucurbita pepo

Classic field pumpkin or gourd that is always sought after during Halloween season. It is the best for carving Jack-o-Lanterns, and it comes with many other varieties that are perfect for decorating such as patty pans and gems.

Cucurbita pepo is typically grown throughout summer and will bear produce by autumn. Perhaps this is why it is significant to this celebration.


2. Cucurbita moschata

Also known as butternut squash, cucurbita moschata is commonly used for cooking. However, it has also been chosen for generations as Halloween decoration. The cultivars are generally resistant to humid conditions during autumn, therefore they’re much resistant and long-lasting compared to other species of the same genus.


3. Gerbera

A stunning species of daisy that will captivate your guests. The orange gerberas have striking petals that will bloom profusely, even indoors, if placed by a bright windowsill. They are also popular as cut flowers which is perfect as a centerpiece for your living room.


4. Tagetes erecta

Commonly called marigolds, this autumn-blooming flower will definitely sparkle in your home. They’re generally pleasantly scented, easily grown from seeds and regular pinching will help it grow rapidly. They favor a good amount of sunlight, therefore they’re best planted outdoors.


5. Dahlia

A big, dinnerplate dahlia makes a perfect cut flower for any occasion, and the orange ones are the best for Halloween. They grow from tubers that can be planted outside, but they have long, sturdy stems that can hold the large blooms, as well as keeping the petals fresh for a few days after being brought inside as cut flowers.


6. Gazania

From its rugged looks, nobody would expect how exceptional a gazania can be. It’s famous for having a color spectrum which is always warm, showcasing typically orange, red and yellow. Although it is grown throughout summer, it can still also bloom until autumn by making sure its roots are healthy and prevented from over-watering.


7. Chrysanthemum

The mums are always for display and have been used in exhibitions for decades. It adapts well potted and planted on the ground outdoors if protected from strong winds. In some countries, it symbolizes death and are placed in graveyards and only used during funerals. However, they also have other meanings in other places, therefore it’s popular in every culture, on its own.

Try these out:

Cucurbita pepo, cucurbita moschata and marigolds


Cucurbita pepo, cucurbita pepo x moschata and chrysanthemums


Just a bunch of gourds in a hanging basket


A seated scarecrow in the middle of cucurbita pepo varieties, and chrysanthemums


Cucurbita pepo arrangement with ornamental kale, English ivy and cyclamens


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