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No Time to Garden? Try These Plants!

Have you been wishing for a flowering houseplant that won’t die on you and perfect for your hectic lifestyle? These are the best plants guaranteed to meet your needs.

1. Bromeliad

Famously known as a ‘hard-to-kill’ plant, this species belongs to bromeliaceae family which is the same with pineapple plant, making it suitable being in an environment of around 22°C; your living room! All it takes is that it has to stay far from cold drafts, therefore the windowsill is not the best location for it during winter.

2. Anthurium

Although anthuriums require bright light from a windowsill, it doesn’t favor too much sun. They will require much less sunlight during their dormant period in winter. The best way of keeping your anthurium alive is by letting its peat moss base soil dry between waterings, and removing dead leaves and faded flowers from the plant to prevent pests or fungal infections.

3. Phalaenopsis Orchid

Native to the tropicals, this is the most forgiving orchid that will bloom repeatedly even when there’s not much lighting. Place it in a room with the highest level of humidity, such as a bathroom, and water it only once every two weeks or so.

4. Peace Lily

Also known as spathiphyllum, a Peace Lily can thrive well in neglected parts of your house. It will not die on you even when the soil is dry because it enjoys a little break from watering, therefore you can come back to water it when the pot feels light. To encourage blooms, allow it to have bright, indirect sunlight once in a while.

5. Kalanchoe

Being a succulent, Kalanchoe retains moisture and requires thorough watering only once a week. It can be grown in small pots, making it a cute, vibrant display on a desk. It will bloom if you provide it with 1 to 2 hours of bright, indirect light daily. There’s also no special feeding needed.

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